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Gay Amsterdam Tour

Duration - 2 hours

Price - 18 per person

Minimum price 36 / tour

Times - Tours can be scheduled at your convenience most times of the year.

Description -


Sodomy in the 1700's - the gay underground of 1928 - Dutch gay emancipation - and of course the LGBT scene today are some of the the features of this tour. Everything you want to know about gay Amsterdam but were afraid to ask.  

You'll learn where to cruise in the Middle Ages and how to avoid torture and hanging. You'll have a drink in the worlds first lesbian/gay bar, and see how the queers of Amsterdam led the resistance against Nazi persecution and deportation.

How was the gay rights movement started in Amsterdam 20 years before Stonewall? What happened in the 60's to make Amsterdam the gay capital of the world and how did The Netherlands become the first country in the world to recognize equality in marriage? These questions and more are answered as you wander through the historic canals and alleyways of Amsterdam, and finish off with a 'borrel' (Dutch for - cozy drink among friends) on us.

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